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Inspired by Wonders of the Universe

My name is Tom Beck and after 50 years running a technology company have finally gotten the opportunity to indulge my childhood fascination with wonders of the universe.  Opportunities for continuous learning on theoretical and practical aspects of astronomy and astrophotography seem endless.  That education began with purchase of an 8 inch reflector and soon developed into a fairly powerful addiction that is helping to burn off our children's inheritance.  It is also easy to get excited about sharing the stunning and humbling wonders of the universe with others of all ages.

Contact: tlbeckusa@gmail.com

Sandy Utah Observatory

HD10 Home Dome

Orion 16 Inch SkyQuest Telescope

Orion 60 mm Guide Scope

Orion StarShoot Autoguider

Equatorial Platform

Typical Image Acquisition Technique

     20 ISO 3200-6400 Bias and Dark Frames

     50 ISO 3200-6400/10 Sec Light Frames

Duchesne Utah Observatory

HD15 Home Dome

Obsession 22 Inch UC Telescope

Stellarvue 80 mm Guide Scope

Orion StarShoot Autoguider 

Equatorial Platform

Sandy Observatory Clear Sky Chart

Duchesne Observatory Clear Sky Chart

Astronomy Downloads

This section includes various papers and spread sheets developed to aid in pursuit of my astronomy interest.  Spread sheets developed from public sources for multiple stars, deep sky objects, and planetary nebula have be modified to show meridian transit altitude and time for a location specified by observation site input parameters.